Online Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Intensive with Joey Miles

stu-introI had this project in my mind for a fair while before I met the perfect teacher to pull it off with the right combination of technical knowledge, experience, screen presence and humor. Once I started making videos with Joey at Purple Valley I knew I had found my star and best of all he was as enthusiastic as me.

So let me say right from the start that this video based online course is not for beginners. You have to be up for changing your practice and experimenting or you might as well save your money and head for the coffee shop instead. There are even props such as blocks and straps used so if you are a pure Ashtangi and have an aversion to such things we might upset you. In a world full of sound bites and 30 second programs to improve everything from cooking skills to lovemaking we have taken a turn into the forest and come up with a course that will take you probably close to eight months to complete, but when you do wow you will know some stuff about this Ashtanga practice we all love. There is a free lesson at the bottom of the page for you to try, that way you will see if this is your type of course.

We have all seen yoga DVDs and one of their downfalls is that there is not enough time to tell you much detail about the postures and those things you are told get muddled up with everything else you hear while you are watching multiple poses in succession. We have taken the lead from the way Ashtanga was traditional taught, one posture at a time, and devised a course that really goes deeply into each posture and allows you the time to get to grips with it before you start refining the next one. So remember as the name Intensive suggests, this is not a beginner course, you already know what the postures look like and where they are in the sequence. What we want to give you is more detail, possibilities to explore, ways to work deeper and with more refinement, really get in touch with what you are doing.

Here is what Joey has to say

screen-holder-for-promo-smallIs it the right course for me?

The course is intended for students that have probably been doing Ashtanga for more than a couple of years, with or without a consistent teacher. You should be familiar with the Primary Series and happy to practice in a Mysore style (not led), probably with a frequency expectation of four times a week or more. If you are practicing less than this you may well have difficulty finding the time to carry out the homework and integrate it into your practice. The majority of the videos are filmed in a workshop style, which means you will also need some space for your mat where you can watch the videos and follow along with Joey. I imagine you will also want something bigger than a phone to watch the videos on, but you can have a go of the trial lesson for free to test out if your device is compatible and you are compatible with the course 🙂

Below is a little checklist that might help you decide if you are ready for the course. If you associate yourself with too many of the ‘Potential Obstacles list’ maybe it would be best to wait a while until the time is right.

Ready and Willing

Have been doing Primary Series regularly for 1 or more years
Want to go deeper in the practice
Have time to try out homework
Have space to practice with video
Open minded to changing the way you do things
Practice 4 or more times per week

Potential Obstacles

Beginner to Ashtanga
Don’t want to change the way you do postures
No time to do homework
No space to try things out
Have an aversion to props
Not a detail person
Poor student with barely enough money to eat!

So how does it work?

Every posture in the Primary Series as well as the Finishing Sequence has an associated lesson with videos on the vinyasa, detail and homework. There are also additional lessons interspersed throughout the course on topics such as breath, bandha, opening tight areas, drishti, and the vinyasa count. There are 44 lessons in total with over 130 videos spread between them. You will be given access to new material each week, generally on a pose by pose basis with the idea of allowing you the time to try out, process, and integrate the lessons into your daily practice. You will receive an email each week to remind you new content is available. New Lessons will be available each week and my suggestion is that you watch the videos before you start that weeks yoga practice. The drip feeding of content is to prevent students from rushing through but you don’t have to keep up a certain pace, the idea is that you move on when you are ready. We have created a private facebook group so that you may feel part of a collective experience and interact with Joey and myself as well as others on the course.

In response to some students saying that they would prefer to freely move through the course because of having more time available sometimes, we have released another version of the course which I have nicknamed ‘Skippy’ after the children’s TV program. This version will allow you to be unrestrained in your progression and allow you to jump around at will between lessons. Even though the ‘Skippy’ version is available we would still recommend the more traditional approach. Choose the appropriate version for your situation.

Here is a screen shot of one of the lessons.

Free Lesson to Try

Here is a sample lesson that you can try out before you decide. May we suggest you make sure the lesson videos are easily viewable on your chosen device and that you like the way the information is delivered.
Click on the image when you are ready for the free lesson on Utthita Trikonasana .

Common Pre-Purchase Questions

Is there anything else to pay?
No, the price shown is final and for unlimited access to the course

How long can I access the course material for?
There is no time limit on course access. Once purchased you are free to use the course for as long as you want.

How many times can you watch the videos?
As many times as you want.

Are the videos downloadable?
No, they are stored on Vimeo. They are always available but you will need an internet connection.

How long does the course take to complete?
About eight months

For user reviews take a look here:

If you have any questions at all please do feel free to ask. You can contact Stu here.

Purchase Course

If you are ready to get going you can use the button below to purchase the course. You will be registered on the site and enrolled in the course at the time of purchase. As part of your payment receipt keep an eye out for the link to join the facebook group.

We have got rid of the set start dates so the moment you complete the purchase you can start.

Immediate Start Traditional Structure
With this version of the course you are kept to the weekly linear progression.

Fancy a Discount?

Simply share this course right now and a 10% discount will be applied to your purchase at checkout.

Course Materials

You will be given plenty of homework to do in this course and you will get much more from the content if you invest in a couple of blocks, bricks and a strap. It's not that you will be using these props forever in your practice but they are really helpful when it comes to opening the body and working with more precision. There is a short lesson coming soon on the different ones so if this kind of stuff is new to you it might be best to watch that first before you buy the wrong things. That's it the only other stuff you need is you, your mat and an open mind. The last one can be a bit of a challenge sometimes :)