On Line Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Intensive with Joey Miles (Skippy)

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I am so excited that we have had such good feedback on the primary series course. You can take a look here: https://courses.loveyogaanatomy.com/premium-courses/
We have used the same model to create an intermediate series version. Joey is such a great teacher because he is not dogmatic and has a super depth of knowledge from many years of teaching and practicing at an advanced level. Of course it is always best if you can practice under the direct guidance of a teacher but that is not always possible. The idea of this course is two fold, either as a means for established primary series practitioners to start to sensibly explore the intermediate series or for students already practicing intermediate series to work on refinement and detail. The course is the Skippy version which means you can jump around the lessons. (we still do recommend the standard version because it gives you time to work and integrate)

Try this Free Sample lesson to make sure you can view ok on your chosen device and get an idea of the layout and format.

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This is a screen shot of the intermediate course

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There is no time limit on course access. Once purchased you are free to use the course for as long as you want.

How many times can you watch the videos?
As many times as you want.

Are the videos downloadable?
No, they are stored on Vimeo. They are always available but you will need an internet connection.

How long does the course take to complete?
About eight months

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Immediate Start Traditional Structure
With this version of the course you are kept to the weekly linear progression.

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Simply share this course right now and a 10% discount will be applied to your purchase at checkout.

Course Materials

You will get the most out of the course if you invest in a block,brick and strap if you don't already have one. Also a blanket and a bolster might be useful.